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About the Irishman

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The idea for this blog came about after a nudge from my wife, Jen, who encouraged me to follow my passion and commit to writing about the sport and the league I love, the NFL. My 17-month old son Leo, whose daily insistence of standing over his football and barking orders, has also been massively influential.

Standing with my son, Leo, over an empty Big House in June 2019

Expect frequent references to my family throughout. Speaking of which, let me declare an interest and state that I’m a Green Bay Packers fan. The Packers will get the same fair treatment that all other teams will.

I have lived for three years in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to be precise, and what you will read in these blog posts is the perspective of an Irishman and a European on an American game that continues to captivate fans at home and abroad. The tremendous catch-all effect of football is fascinating and to be admired. I started out in journalism, and while there will be the occasional fan broadsides, the focus will be covering the game and providing some fresh perspective.

Like a lot of folks who cover it, I never had the chance to play football but have followed it since childhood. I adored Dan Marino and was glued to NFL Europe on Channel 4 from the late 80’s. Rugby was the contact sport that was open to me growing up in Ireland. Landing on these shores in December 2016, meant being able to watch football in real Pacific Time and not staying up until 3:30 a.m. as I’d been accustomed to back in Ireland. To this day it is absolute bliss.

I intend to write about the history of the league, trades, the draft, America’s relationship with football, the coronavirus infested off-season and hopefully a 2020 season and beyond. I want the blog to be meaningful to the casual football fan in Dublin as much as to connoisseurs of the game in Michigan.

Sport has its place in the bleachers right now. A careful watcher while the great public health pandemic of this century roams all corners of the globe. But sport will be back and we need its escapist form as much as ever. 

2020’s something-for-everyone free agency period in football was a welcome dose of normality and has set off renewed chatter about what form the coming regular season will take. It is a topic I’ll delve into further in my next blog. Calais Campbell just might be the final piece in the Baltimore jigsaw. The DeAndre Hopkins trade will transform the Arizona Cardinals Air Raid offense. And of course there’s Tom Brady’s move to Tampa. Let’s hope we all get to see them soon.

This blog won’t function without you - the readers. I look forward to your feedback and regular interaction. Let’s remember to be kind and have fun. My favorite podcast provides me with lots of news and analysis but it is at its best when it is being hilarious and irreverent. There is a lot of ground and America to cover. In the immortal words of New England head coach Bill Belichick: we’re onto Cincinnati.



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